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 Gold is a good investment to have in the portfolio as it is a tangible investment giving one the complete ownership of the highly valued metal. The best part about investment in gold is the historical value which the metal has enjoyed over the years. The global perception of gold is pretty much the same, that of a precious metal which is highly valued. The perception has always been the same and is very less likely to change ever. There are many questions that surround an investor when it comes to gold; some of them are whether stocks of companies offer more profits or whether the gold market is too stagnant! Questions can only be answered by experts who have a solid background in handling gold investment portfolios. People can invest in gold in all sorts of range like high value investments include purchasing stakes in gold mining firms while investments at much lower stakes include purchase of gold coins and chips.

There are many strategies that can be implied to maximize the profits on the investments made on gold. The best strategy for small investors is to buy gold in smaller units like gold coins of 1 gram instead of higher units like bars and bonds. This minimalizes the risk by distributing into many units as in times of distress; the part of the investment can be liquidated in exchange of cash. The investment made on gold jewellery isn’t a bad bet either as labelled jewellery can be kept for showcasing prosperity and ornamentation like in many parts of the world as well as an indirect investment   for the value that it carries. People who invest in hedge funds seek returns in times of an economic disaster. In case of an economic disaster like the one seen in US markets in 2007 when many financial services firms like the Lehmann Brothers broke down; people who had major investments in gold were unaffected.

The repurchase clause in the policies of the gold seller has a lot of significance when it comes to the decision making as to which product of gold is to the best to be bought for investment purposes. A good trader of gold will always discuss the benefits of purchasing and most importantly the repurchase policy. In the past, a lot of scepticism has risen over the speed of returns on gold investments. To really expect speedy returns on investments made on gold would be harsh on the commodity as it is practically the safest investment since ages and doesn’t provide the opportunity of quick gains. Gold is meant to be a safer investment made to secure the future of the wealth and not for making quick money. Some of the smartest people on the planet have failed at the stock exchange trading other shares and commodities but not one person has ever lost a fortune by investing in gold.



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