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- STEP 1 

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Copy Powerful Signals

Once you have joined the 10k challenge telegram group, you can start the challenge by copying our Forex signals that we send you everyday. The signals we send are specifically designed to help you complete the $100 to $10k in 40 day challenge..

Free Forex signals telegram

The lot sizes we used to complete the challenge: 

1) During the first week we started by using 0.02 - 0.04 lot size per week … We made sure that we start slow on the first week

2) during the 2nd week we increased by 0.02 lots per each trade!

3) during the 3rd week we would start by using 0.40 lots per each trade which increased our profits fast

4) during the 4th week we used 0.50 lots per each trade after we built up our account. 
We try to use 2% - 4% risk per each trade we take to help us not loose to much of our account per each trade.

- STEP 3

If you don't have a broker account, you can check out the best broker accounts we use to take our trades below:

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