As you may expect, a young 22 year old like me who earns a very high income, will receive lots of doubt and hate. I have been helping people with my forex course and forex signals for a long time now, I am currently helping over 1200+ students from all over the world with my forex signals & fxlifestyle forex course. Some of my top earning students are earning $800 – $2000+ per day copying my signals & implementing the exact same strategies I use daily trading the forex markets.

So… is fxlifestyle a scam?

I am NOWHERE near a scam, thats the simple answer. Every single day I post many of my students results on instagram stories, I post live trading results / profits on my instagram stories, i have over 1000+ testimonials in total and most are positive. every week I update the review page & results page with new client reviews & results. ( click the menu to check the review & results page ) There have been 2 negative articles on me claiming I am a scam, the 2 articles that posted on me have NEVER even tried any of my services / course / or signals yet they claim I am a scam judging my appearance? How can I be a scam if all I am doing is Sending people my live trades daily & teaching them all my strategies that I use?

How can you trust fxlifestyle?

Unlike other traders, I post my results weekly & my students results on my instagram stories, I post the fxlifestyle signals group which has over 1000+ active members, there are many testimonials posted on my instagram & I even post my top earning student’s instagrams just to show how they are living. Below are some of my students live testimonials.



Below are some student reviews.


Unfortunately in the forex world there are lots of scams which can cause problems for legit traders like me & a few others.. At the end of the day im here to help others simply with my forex signals & forex course.. I have been doing this for a long time, helped 1000s+ & there will be many more things to come!