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Major Stock Exchanges – Learn More About Major Stock Exchanges


A Stock Exchange is the place where “Trading operations” are performed which operates with the support of the Stock Brokers and Traders to trade on the Shares and Commodities.

An Exchange is often the most important entity of the Stock Market.All the trading can be done on the Shares of Different companies whose values can be varied according to the Company Status and Liabilities.


These exchanges also provide facilities for the issue and redemption of securities as well as other financial instruments and capital events including the payment of income and dividends.

The securities traded on exchange include:

-SHARES issued by companies,


-Pooled Investments products and Bonds.

To be cope up with trading, a security is present on the Stock Market that has to be listed there. Generally there is a central location for recordkeeping and it has connected with the electronic Networks which gives the speed and accuracy to the various transactions.Trade is done by the members on the exchange only.

The initial offering of stocks and bonds is for the Investors.This is to be done in the primary market and further the trading is done in the Secondary market.


Stock Exchanges plays various roles and i have listed here some of the important roles:

1.Increasing the capital of the Businesses.

2.Supporting the company’s growth.

3.The Savings for investment are mobilized.

4.Sharing of the Profits.

5.Governing the Corporate sector.

6.Creating Investment opportunities for small investors.

7.Barometer of the economy

8.Raising the Government Economy.


Following are some of the major exchanges of the World_

1. NewYork Stock exchange

2. Tokyo Stock Exchange


4. NSE

5. London Stock Exchange

6. Shanghai Stock Exchange

7. Australian Securities Exchange

8. Hong Kong Stock Exchange

9. BSE

10.Swiss Exchange

Along with them, there are some of the regional Exchanges In different Countries but they are not so much popular for the Stock Brokers and the Shareholders.


India Exchanges are a structured marketplace for the proper conduct of trading in company stocks and other securities. The main services of The India Exchanges all over the country is to provide nationwide services to investors and to facilitate the issue and redemption of securities and other financial instruments. The introduction of the concept of the indian exchanges in India came with the breaking of the American Civil War and the idea materialized first in 1874 with the foundation of the Bombay Stock Exchange at the Dalal Street in Mumbai.

Currently, in all The Indian Exchanges the trading system is computerized for more efficient and transparent trading. There has been a significant boom in the degree of development and volume of trading in the stock exchanges. The two most important exchange houses of the Indian stock market are-

1. BSE

2. NSE


Stock market is the place where Stocks or shares are being withdrawn and taken by the traders or the brokers of the Stock market.Stock market runs on the price band of the shares as they are being altered and the persons involved in the market are taking their part out of it.

Importance of stock market:

The stock market is one of the best source for the companies to raise their money. They allows the businesses to be publically concerned and company expansion by the selling of the shares of the ownership of the company in the public market.

Thus the Stock market contains the shares of various companies and commodities of various things, if a person wants to earn money in the market, then he has to be very concern about the stock tips and the resource for the tips must be accurate.