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FXLIFESTYLE – Privacy Policy

We value your privacy immensely. This is the reason, we have developed a privacy policy in such a way that we can serve our needs and so we do not collect or use any of your personal information. Presented below is an outline of our privacy policy and standards.

During the time of collecting personal information, we make it a point to identify the main purpose for which we are asking for the information.

We make use of the collected personal information only to complete the stated objectives and other related purpose. If we put the information to any other use, we will take the consent from the specified individual and even the law bodies, if required.

We retain the information only up till the task is not accomplished. Once our purpose is accomplished, we do not retain the information any longer.

When we are collecting your personal information, we make sure to follow and adhere to the books of law and do it with the consent of people concerned.

The personal data that you are filing in needs to be relevant to the purpose we have and so it must be filled accurately and completely and should be kept up to date.

We make to a point to keep your personal information safe and it will not be accessed by unauthorized users and we take care to prevent loss and theft of information as well.

We do not collect and store Credit/Debit card information of our members.

We are willing to disclose our policies and practices related to management of personal information to all our customers who ask for clarification.

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