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How To Trade Forex Like a PRO Without Experience Or Knowledge.
 1. BLOCK OUT 1.5 HOURS:  Make sure that you block out a full 1.5 hours for the webinar. Get a notepad to write down some important notes coming up in this webinar!
 2. SHOW UP EARLY :  Make sure that you attend live and show up at least 5-minutes early to get your space. The software we use has an attendee limit and with thousands of people, we'll fill up fast. 
 3. USE A DESKTOP COMPUTER: Make sure that you attend the webinar using your LAPTOP or DESKTOP computer. The webinar system we use doesn't behave well with mobile so using a computer will dramatically improve your experience and allow you to learn more. ​​​​​​​
 4. STAY TILL THE END OF THE WEBINAR: If you stay till the end of the webinar you'll get a chance to copy our profitable Forex signals & you'll also get a Free book.
 5. CANT WATCH THE WEBINAR TODAY?: We have 2 webinars tomorrow which you can watch. The next webinar starts at 11:15am tomorrow or 7:00pm tomorrow. You can add the times to your calendar! If you want to get started now, click the blue button up to the right & i'll see you on the free webinar.
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