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fxlifestyle is the owner and authorizer of any trademark that appears on the website. We are also the copyright owner of the content and information listed here unless it is otherwise indicated.

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Risk Warnning!

Forex, Stocks, Options, Binary options, and Future trading can have large potential rewards, but also has large potential risks. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to invest in the stock, binary or futures markets. Don’t trade with any capital you can’t afford to lose especially with leveraged instruments such as Forex trading, futures trading or binary options trading. This signal subscription service is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell stocks, futures or options. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed on our account. The past performance of any trading system or methodology is not necessarily indicative of future results.
You could lose all of your capital quickly due to poor market trading conditions, mechanical error, emotional induced errors, breaking news or earnings releases.

1. Trading is a risky affair.

Forex Can be extremely risky, So it is most suitable for customers who Understand the risks and are willing to undertake it. Financially capable to stand losses that can even exceed the deposited amount.

2. Risk reducing orders and strategies

stop loss orders or stop limit help protect you from loosing more

3. The choice that you make is yours.

The signal recommendation that we make regarding the market are purely informational based on the stats that we analysed. It is the customers decision to choose or ignore the signal / course recommendations and it is a complete independent decision on your part. We are not acting as your advisor and we are not liable for the damages, expenses and losses that may be incurred because of subsequent investment. We are not liable if you have made losses with our signals, and we are not liable if you have made losses from the education we have provided you in our course. If you do not agree to this term, you can NOT join FXLIFESTYLE.

4. signal Recommendations

We cannot guarantee accuracy all the time. some trades will still hit stop loss, some trades will go the wrong direction. you agree that not all trades are accurate. you must also understand forex has losses and you agree that there may be some losses.

5. International Laws.

make sure your country allows you to trade forex and purchase our services, we take no responsibility if they do not accept it but you still purchase.

6.Signals & Course

By using FXLIFESTYLE you are agreeing that you are using the service at your own risks. We are neither a registered investment advisor nor a broker dealer. you agree that there is high risk in trading forex / binary options, and we take NO RESPONSIBILITY In any of your losses or losses made from the strategies that we taught you in our course.


All members have the right to cancel their subscription instantly by simply messaging us at: snatze@hotmail.com


By purchasing our services you understand that all sales are final & there is no refund available


FXLIFESTYLE is the owner and authorizer of any trademark that appears on the website. We are also the copyright owner of the content and information listed here unless it is otherwise indicated. You should not download or save any part of the content or take a screenshot or send it via email unless they are stated so.However, you can print a copy of the information for your own personal use and the information should not be circulated. If you use the website in such manner that it infringes your copyright laws, you are liable for legal actions.


We DO NOT offer any guarantees of profit using our services. we guarantee good knowledge, and good education though.

11.Coverring loses

We DO NOT cover ANY account losses! We provide lot size recommendation and it is only up to you if you will use that or will trade by your own beliefs! Forex is not for everyone and you should read our RISK section before anything!

12.Slow Markets

There may be slow days in the market on some days, so it may mean less signals on the trading day. We send an average of 4/ 5 signals a day but it is not guaranteed that there will be 4 / 5 everyday. You must agree and understand that there may be days where less than 4 /5 signals are sent.

13. Course Education guarantee

We do NOT guarantee that you will make profits from the forex strategies that you learn online, we do not guarantee that you will make profit from learning all the methods in the course. You agree that you understand that the course we offer does not guarantee that you will be a successful forex trader and does not mean that the methods we teach you will make you a profitable trader. You also agree that any losses made by you from the strategies on our course are not our responsibilities and we have no responsibility. ( we can not offer you a refund if you do not get any results from the course, as stated above we do not guarantee profitable results. )

14. Live Help

We offer live help via telegram, but it does not mean that we offer live help 247, we offer live help when one of the members of FXLIFESTYLE are free to help.

Suggested Account size : 

  • You can use ANY Account size you like, be we usually recommend a  trading balance of at least $100+
  • We recommend a Lot size 0.01 – 0.04 pip, but you can use any lot size you like at your own risk.

All Our services will help you benefit as long as you follow all instructions & advice!





Email : snatze@hotmail.com

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